My “thoughts” on the Te@chthought blog…

I have been exploring a variety of education/technology blogs. While doing so, I came across the Te@chthought blog. The layout and organization of this blog is simple yet practical. Tabs at the top provide broad topics of the posts within them. Trending posts are also listed along the side, providing the reader with a variety of options of where to browse.

I immediately was drawn to this blog because it has an entire tab on iPads. Next year the school I will be teaching as is a 1:1 school with iPads. I believe I am an adequate Apple products/iPad user; however, integrating technology into my classroom with iPads is something I am not as comfortable with. This blog has many posts on using iPads in the classroom as both a planning and teaching tool. 

One particle post I will continue to go back to is about iPad apps to promote creativity. Within this post the blogger provides a list of 25 apps with a short description about the company or the application itself. While reading this post I immediately thought about my current class and their individual social studies projects. My current students are creatively putting together e-books about a research topic they chose from ancient Egypt. Many students have created scratch art, posters, and powerpoint in addition to writing their e-books. My students are currently using Microsoft Publisher to create these e-books; however, they needed to use a previously made template and struggle with putting their own twist into the layout and design. As I read this post, I saw an app listed that creates e-books, Book Creator. I immediately downloaded this app and began exploring. I then spoke to the technology teacher about what I discovered. Ironically, she had learned about this app shortly after our project was started and plans to implement the app next year once she has a better grasp on it. I look forward to seeing how I can incorporate the Book Creator application in my new classroom next year. I have noticed that students enjoy sharing their knowledge in a “book” form and feel a sense of ownership over their work.

Allowing students to explore and use their creativity is important in the classroom. I look forward to exploring more of the creative applications listed in the te@chthought post and continue my exploration of teaching/technology blogs. 

Here is the link: Te@chthought



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