Technology is Empowering

WOW! If you are a parent, teacher, administrator, or anyone that works with kids you need to watch this TED talk by Scott McLeod. From the first story Scott told I was convinced that technology is important. Martha’s story is the perfect example of how technology gives a voice to younger generations. Martha was able to connect with a vast amount of people around the world through her blog. When I was a kid we had pen pals, now we have blog readers, Twitter/Instagram followers, or Facebook friends. Not only did Martha make connections but she started something. Her school was serving poor quality lunches. By sharing with the world through technology, Martha was able to make a difference.

These other kids have been able to find their identity through technology. The young girl who made a documentary was able to share her opinion and herself through film. Exploration and inquiry based learning is a huge part of teaching, technology is a wonderful outlet for this. But why are we blocking pathways that we are also saying are important. Scott brought up a valid point in his TED talk. He mentioned how we discuss the importance of technology in schools at time, however, we also keep our kids away from it too. What is this actually telling our kids? We need to teach them what technology is. What the internet is. How they can use it safely and effectively. Technology is  pathway for us to LEARN through EXPLORATION. We wouldn’t send a child up a mountain without providing them with safety instructions. But we also wouldn’t not send them because there are possibilities of them getting hurt. We teach them what could happen and make sure they are prepared and know how to navigate around it. This is how technology needs to be incorporated. TEACH! BE PREPARED! EXPLORE!

Let our kids be empowered by technology so they can later teach us.

Watch the TED talk here!


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