Are you on Twitter?

I was an avid Twitter user throughout college, but I had stopped checking and tweeting over the last fews years. As my life has been thrown back into the technology world through teaching, I have been checking my Twitter account much more often and following some more purposeful people and organizations. I love reading the tweets and retweets from @ScholasticTeach, which is the official Scholastic Teachers account on Twitter.

Just an hour ago they tweeted a Youtube video of David Shannon, one of my favorite children’s authors. This clip just made me think about how social media connects us “normal folks” to authors, artists, musicians, actors, and politicians throughout the world. David Shannon’s video was about a summer reading challenge for students with Scholastic. Elementary students know and connect with David Shannon through his popular books including the No, David series and A Bad Case of Stripes. Through experience I have witnessed the excitement students have when authors they know come visit their schools. David gives a challenge for students to read this summer and log their minutes on the Scholastic website. He tells them that the he will visit school with the most logged minutes. Wow! What an incredible tool Youtube and Twitter are to spread the word and connect us all.

If you are looking for a Twitter account to follow about great books and other reading tools for the elementary classroom, I recommend following Scholastic Teachers.



One thought on “Are you on Twitter?

  1. Great video! I really like David Shannon’s books; I use a lot of them in my character education lessons, the kids love them! That is one of the wonderful things about social media, we are able to connect to anyone. It makes kids (and adults, too) feel relevant and excited to be able to see an action video from a favorite author/person of interest.

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