Are you a Podcast-a-holic? I have friends and family who love listening to podcasts. I had yet to find one I have become hooked on. While perusing EdReach I came across The Reading Room. I listened to show #4 and really enjoyed myself. It was wonderful to hear what classes around the country were doing involving technology and integrating it with reading. This show spoke about Global Read Aloud, which I am already excited to learn more about. From what the podcast said, they are common Read Alouds done in classrooms around the country (and world?). As the students read the books, they interact with one another about the text through Twitter, Skype, Google Hang Outs, and other social media. It is very interesting and provides your students with social interactions outside of their classroom, school, and even state. One of the speakers even mentioned a google hang out with the author. I know my students would love that! This was a wonderful podcast to listen to…not sure if I am hooked just yet!

Are podcasts something I would consider? Hmm…I think listening to podcasts are awesome and having my students create their own podcasts is something I very much enjoy. To be honest, I hate listening to my recorded voice. I think would rather see myself on camera. But stepping out of my comfort zone is healthy…so why not!?!

If you are interested in integrating reading and technology, take a listen: The Reading Room


2 thoughts on “EdReach

  1. I agree! Sharing this with our students would be great for them. If we can keep them interested and engaged in what the are learning about, why not? They would be able to share about their learning experiences with everyone they know. Definitely a learning chain for all of us.

  2. I, too, look forward to having students do their own podcasts and helping them develop their own voices and communication skills. As Lourdes commented, it’s a learning chain. Students will learn from themselves and each other, and so will we.

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