The Future of Education

“Schools as we know them are obsolete.”

Sugata Mitra’s Ted Talk discusses the future of education around the world. As he began speaking about how we don’t need schools anymore because they are “obsolete” I was not a fan on him.

UNTIL he began explaining his research. At first I questioned it. Are these children in the “slum” learning from the computer because it is something new and they are not usually provided with education? What would happen in America if Sugata ran the same experiment? At this point I stopped the video and started jotting down thoughts… The teacher engages the students. Our job as an educator is to keep the students curious and make them dive deeper into their questions.

“Encouragement is key.”

Sugata brings up how the brain works as part of his theory. The reptilian part of the brain will shut down the rest when it feels a threat or punishment. No wonder students struggle taking tests! Thinking back on your own education what teacher comes to mind? Is it the teacher that showed you they cared about you as a person? Encouraged you to try your best? Maybe they got you to work harder at something you were interested in?

Learning emerges if you allow the self organization of education. Students need to want to learn in order to learn. Sugata’s idea of S.O.L.E. (Self Organized Learning Environment) makes me think about the backwards classroom and inquiry based learning. For younger students in the elementary years, some direction is needed from the teacher and a flipped classroom is more challenging to accomplish. The cloud is a very interesting idea and I look forward to learning more about the progress it has made throughout the world. Take a look and see what you think…

Build a School in the Cloud


One thought on “The Future of Education

  1. It is still early to tell if Mitra’s theories bring about success. One thing is will do is give student access to more than one teacher and the “Skype Grannies” of the world:)

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