Speak Up is extremely important for our education system! How can we better our education if we don’t listen to our students. Reading through the research done by the Speak Up National Research Project about technology use by our students and in our schools was intriguing. Something I always like to do after a new lesson or when I implement a new strategy is to get a sense of how my students felt. Knowing what students use technology, how much they use, when they use, what they use it for, and if they even have it available to them is extremely important for us as educators. The  whole myth theory is true! We are told that we are never going to be as tech savvy as our students. BUT WE CAN BE! We are the teachers…shouldn’t we be able to teach our students?! After reading this research is gets me pumped to incorporate technology into my classroom, but also teaches me to be aware of what my students are already doing with technology. We pre-assess our students before we teach them…we should pre-assess their ability to use technology.

Take a look…see if you become inspired…

Speak Up 2013


One thought on “SPEAK UP!!

  1. Sarah, well said!! It is our responsibility as responsive educators to always get feedback from our students. If we don’t how do we know how we are doing. By actively listening to our students speaking up we can reflect upon our practices.

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