The Battle of Technology

Schools and Students Clash 

This is a response to the above posted article…

When reading this article I immediately thought of high school students trying to get onto Facebook during their study hall block and failing because of the firewall. Then I realized, if I had access to Facebook during the school day when I was a teen I would want to be on it too. There are many reasons schools block sites like Facebook and Twitter on their WiFi. But if students knew how to properly use these social media sites there would be no problem in having access to them, there would actually be benefits. 

Something that intrigues me is the popularity of Google in schools. The ease of Google docs and the use of the cloud is a huge benefit for schools. But where does the boundary lie…isn’t Google + just another social media site like Facebook? 

If we teach our students the proper way of using these social media sites (many of them already know) then we can use them to our advantage! 



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